Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 25 | 2009

Volume 25 | 2009 | Issue 2

CES at 25: Changing Schools, Changing Lives: This special Fall Forum double issue offers a wide range of perspectives on the Essential schools movement at the moment of its 25th anniversary. Contributions range from recommending expansion of the CES Common Principles, analyses of ways to sustain the work of CES schools, and personal reflections from CES network educators on the influence and legacy of CES founder Ted Sizer.

Volume 25 | 2009 | Issue 1

CES 2.0: Technology and the Essential School: Horace looks at infusing social networking into pedagogy, learning technology skills through service-learning, distance learning and the CES Common Principles, using social networking for literacy development, implementing digital portfolios, and other topics that explore the relationship between emerging technologies, meaningful teaching and learning with an equity focus, and student achievement.