Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 19 | 2003

Volume 19 | 2003 | Issue 4

Strengthening Bonds between Families and Schools: Horace shares ways that Essential schools focus on family involvement, considering strategies such as family conferences and goal setting and considering ways to bridge gaps when family and school goals for students don't align. Horace also examines the power of family literature circles. Download PDF

Volume 19 | 2003 | Issue 3

Leadership for Equity: Includes a contribution authored by Linda Nathan, Headmaster of Boston Arts Academy, that describes BAA's efforts to support equitable academic success for all of its students. This issue also features equity-centered teacher and student roundtable discussions and a guest editor letter from Dr. Pedro Noguera. Download PDF

Volume 19 | 2003 | Issue 2

English Language Learners in Essential Schools: Looks at the varied experiences of students in bilingual and English Language Learning classrooms in Essential schools. We will focus on classroom practice and teaching/learning strategies, the impact of high-stakes testing on ELL students, and the ways that Coalition schools are addressing multilingual equity and cultural issues. Download PDF

Volume 19 | 2003 | Issue 1

Elements of Smallness Create Conditions for Success: Examines how sustained efforts to incorporate the Ten Common Principles support small schools as they make the most of student learning, personalization, school sustainability, collaborative leadership opportunities and student achievement.