Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 20 | 2004

Volume 20 | 2004 | Issue 4

Advisories in Essential Schools: This issue explores the state of advisories in Essential schools. What do graduates think of an advisory centered high school education. Contributors explore how students' experiences have been shaped by advisories, present research that validates advisories' beneficial effects, and also look at how Esssential school educators are conducting their own data-based inquires to demonstrate the effectiveness of advisory programs. Download PDF

Volume 20 | 2004 | Issue 3

High School Conversions: Essential Restructuring: Examines the issues and opportunities that arise when large high schools convert to small, autonomous schools. Laura Flaxman analyzes student achievement during the conversion process while Jay Feldman and Lisette López look at the ways in which conversion schools find professional development opportunites that lead to improved teaching and learning. Download PDF

Volume 20 | 2004 | Issue 2

Making Math Personal: Focuses on math in Essential schools, featuring an interview with civil rights leader Dr. Robert Moses, founder of the Algebra Project, highlighting the math curriculum development process at New Mission High School, and exploring ways in which CES teachers create personalized math curriculum. Download PDF

Volume 20 | 2004 | Issue 1

Mentoring and Collaboration among Essential Schools: Looks at how sustained mentorships and patnerships help new and restructuring schools effectively draw on the experience of long-established Coalition schools. Includes practical information about effective school visits, a sneak peak at CES ChangeLab, and a wide variety of practical resources. Download PDF