Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 10 | 1994

Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 5

College Admissions and the Essential School: Demonstrates through conversations with college admissions officers and high school personnel how some colleges are accepting Essential school students even without the traditional grades, ranks, and standardized tests. Download PDF

Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 4

Starting a New Essential School: What It Shows About Change: Examines the struggles of planning and opening an innovative school and suggests some similarities and differences with established schools undergoing change. Download PDF

Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 3

Technology in the Essential School: Making Change in the Information Age: Looks at key areas of Essential school change to see how technology can speed progress; includes technology tips for school people and a resource list for technology and learning. Download PDF

Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 2

How the National Standards Debate Affects the Essential School: Explores the issue of setting meaningful standards and describes the role Essential schools can play in higher-level decision making; includes a checklist to evaluate state standards and assessments. Download PDF

Volume 10 | 1994 | Issue 1

Teacher Education in the Essential School: The University-School Partnership: Discusses the benefits of placing student teachers in schools involved in reform and describes two programs that integrate teacher education and Essential schooling. Download PDF