Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 9 | 1993

Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 5

Essential Collaborators: Parents, School, and Community: Cites experiences from three Essential schools to suggest how to involve the community in the process of change and how to get the community and its schools to work together. Download PDF

Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 4

What's Essential? Integrating the Curriculum in Essential Schools: Examines what it means to integrate curriculum across the disciplines and explores some of the difficulties and political implications; includes sample curricula from several schools. Download PDF  

Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 3

"So Now What?"-Managing the Change Process: Presents a framework and various approaches for managing organizational change and getting people to work together; includes resources for developing successful change strategies. Download PDF  

Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 2

What Works, What Doesn't; Lessons from Essential School Reform: Sets forth more than 20 hard-earned lessons and advice from veterans of Essential school reform about how-and how not-to approach school change. Download PDF

Volume 9 | 1993 | Issue 1

The Essential School Principal: A Changing Role in a Changing School: Illuminates the multidimensional roles of Essential school principals and suggests ways to balance effective leadership with participatory decision making. Download PDF