Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Lisette López

City Schools and the American Dream: Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education

By Pedro Noguera (Teachers College Press, 224 pages, $19.95) BUY NOW! Educators who seek to make a difference in the lives of students face tremendous challenges working in urban public schools that are under-resourced and over-burdened. In response, Pedro Noguera maps out his vision of hope and pragmatism in City Schools and the American Dream. Building on his experience as

Horace: Lisette López Published: April 10, 2004 By: Lisette López Topics: Cooperative Learning, Instruction

Supporting Conversion: Structure or Instruction

The movement to create small schools is driven by the desire for equity. Research and experience prove that small, autonomous schools serve students more effectively than large, comprehensive schools. While the creation of schools that are small is not in itself sufficient, smallness provides the best opportunity to create structures, relationships, and habits that define an environment for success. One

Horace: Lisette López Published: September 10, 2004 By: Jay Feldman, Lisette López Topics: Keeping The Vision, The Change Process