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Horace Nancy Sizer

Crossing the Stage: Redesigning Senior Year

Nancy Sizer examines the kaleidoscopic forces active in high school seniors’ lives to describe their particular opportunities and pressures. She moves beyond sympathy, reminding us that this transitional year, exciting and terrifying to many students, is often consumed by the frenzy of college admission or other post-high school role pursuit followed by the crash of senioritis, compounded by unique family

Horace: Nancy Sizer Published: March 10, 2003 By: Jill Davidson, Nancy Sizer Topics:

Opportunities to Stumble and Pick Themselves Up: Horace Interviews Nancy Faust Sizer on the Senior Year

Currently a Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Nancy Sizer was the acting co-principal of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School in 1998-99 and served as Parker’s transition counselor, helping lead its first graduating class through the transition to postsecondary education in 2000. She taught 7th- through 12th-grade students at the Wheeler School in Providence,

Horace: Nancy Sizer Published: April 9, 2006 By: Nancy Sizer Topics:

The Broken Code: Churchill’s Dilemma At Coventry

At Bletchley, a tiny market town northwest of London, England, in November 1940, a terrible secret was learned. British code-breakers had managed to read German codes through an elaborate combination of stolen machines, Polish spies, interceptions, and brilliant and continuous decoding. The information gained in this way was called “Ultra”; it was gathered in the most careful and quiet way