Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Phyllis Tashlik

Making the Pendulum Swing: Challenging Bad Education Policy in New York State

Ann Cook and Phyllis Tashlik, educators at New York City’s Urban Academy and leaders of the New York Performance Standards Consortium and The Center for Inquiry in Teaching and Learning, trace the history of the development of the New York Performance Standards Consortium, the challenges presented to schools by the increased use of high stakes standardized tests by the New

Horace: Phyllis Tashlik Published: December 9, 2005 By: Ann Cook, Phyllis Tashlik Topics:

The Literacy You Get Is Equal to the Culture You Create

Why do you need to read another article on literacy? Haven’t we been through all this before—in one corner, the argument to structure students’ reading and writing strictly, and in the other, the argument to let students read and write what they want. So why do we feel compelled to add our voices to this cacophony that is the discussion

Horace: Phyllis Tashlik Published: June 9, 2006 By: Ann Cook, Phyllis Tashlik Topics: