Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Theodore Sizer

Horace Talks with Ted Sizer: The History, Limitations, and Possibilities of School Districts

Ted Sizer, founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools and now its Chair Emeritus, discussed his frustrations with school districts as they typically operate with Jill Davidson, Horace‘s editor. Horace: Do you believe that schools work better within systems than as islands? Ted Sizer: Schools came before districts. Formal education in this country started in somebody’s kitchen, then somebody’s church,

Horace: Theodore Sizer Published: September 9, 2005 By: Theodore Sizer Topics: Decision Making Processes, Democratic Practice, Ted Sizer

Ted Sizer’s Opening Remarks, Fall Forum 2000, Providence, Rhode Island

Note from the editor: Most Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forums have opened with remarks from CES’s founder, Ted Size. Ted’s observations reconnected us with our purpose and reminded us that our network is unique, precious, practical, and immeasurably valuable. The thought that Ted shared to launch Fall Forum in 2000, which took place in Providence, Rhode Island, stand as

Horace: Theodore Sizer Published: December 2, 2009 By: Theodore Sizer Topics: Common Principles, Ted Sizer