Common Principles for Uncommon Schools

Horace Volume 8 | 1992 | Issue 3

Math and Science in the Essential School: Portrays the benefits and the obstacles inherent in integrating math and science; includes examples of several successfully integrated math and science programs. Download PDF

Changing Words Into Graphs

Draw a graph to illustrate each of the following situations. Prices are now rising more slowly than at any time during the last five years. I really enjoy cold milk or hot milk, but I hate lukewarm milk! The smaller the boxes are, then the more boxes we can load into the van. After the concert there was a stunned

For Further Reading

The following books and resources have been recommended by various Essential school teachers and consultants interviewed for this article: CURRICULUM AND EVALUATION STANDARDS SCHOOL MATHEMATICS, NCTM, 1606 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091. MATH AND SCIENCE FRAMEWORK CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS K-12. Publication Sales, California State Dept. of Education, PO Box 271, Sacramento, CA 95802-0271. “Everybody Counts: A Report to the Nation

How Newton’s Laws Shape Our Culture

Background reading: John Patrick Diggins, “Science and the American Experiment: How Newton’s Laws Shaped the Constitution,” from The Sciences (New York Academy of Science). The major aim of this project is to give students an opportunity to explore the relationship between science and society. Since the Newtonian Revolution, science and scientists have gained an authority rivaling the priests and their

Math and Science in the Essential School

Integrating math and science acorss the disciplines and preparing all students to use them in the tasks of the future, is npw vital. But the obstacles to dong so are immense, shaking the very foundations of how teachers view their world. Just what is the difference between quantum physics and the Newtonian physics that has shaped so much of our

McDonald’s Claim

You and a friend read in the newspaper that 7 percent of all Americans eat at McDonald’s each day. Your friend says, “That’s impossible!” You know that there are approximately 250 million Americans and approximately 9,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. Suppose you think the 7 percent claim is reasonable. Write a paragraph arguing that the claim could be true.


How would you take a large collection of facts and information and organize them in a useful way that will allow for: a quick, facile, and reliable location for each piece of information available, a reliable and accurate view of any relationships which exist between any sets of variables being organized, the capability of predicting an unknown or missing value

Some Ways Math And Science Are Used

To reapportion Congressional districts, using Huntington’s method of least proportions. A useful social studies project could be to figure out how your state could be gerrymandered to benefit either Republicans or Democrats, given its voting habits, and how to apportion districts without gerrymandering. To investigate when the number of telephone area codes in the United States will run out, given